Chris McVeigh has a LOT to say about publishing

Chris McVeigh is the founder of FourFiftyOne, a popular speaker at publishing conferences around the world, he also writes for various publishing related blogs and websites.

You can find some of his online articles at these sites;

Plus ça change

This is not a love song

All the pretty websites

Scared money never wins

Negative narratives

Confessions of a marketing pimp

You know what's cool, a billion dollars that's what's cool

5 things publishers need to know about Dark Social

Jeff Bezos are my hamster

Book buyers have minds of their own

If you're in marketing kill yourself now

Push me, pull me - Search marketing (Part 1)

Own your own real estate - Search marketing (Part 2)

Own the concept earn the space - Search marketing (part 3)

Social media optimisation

The semantic search revolution

Google and Seo

Seo as a commissioning tool

Inbound marketing for publishers

Vertical publishing

You can follow his sweary, no-holds-barred twitter account here or our grown up, safe for work, professional one here.


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